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About us

Case Study Club is the largest student management consulting organization in Southeast Europe, and is the official representation of the University of Belgrade in world competitions in solving case studies. We recognize, connect and develop young leaders so that they acquire multidisciplinary practical knowledge that they will later apply in the labor market. . Case Study Club members are constantly improving their knowledge and skills through projects and competitions that provide better insight into problem solving from practice using the Case Study methodology.

About Case Study Club


20+ Worldwide awards

Members of the Case Study Club, achieved significant results and won awards at the world’s largest competitions in solving business case studies


150+ Competitions

Since its establishment, the members of the Case Study Club have participated in numerous global, regional and local competitions every year.


400+ Members

Case Study Club has over 400 active and alumni members in its community who contribute daily to the work of Case Study Club

Projects and events


80+ Realized projects

Every year, Case Study Club realizes five categories of projects, and also realizes projects in cooperation with partners


50+ Partners

We cooperate with partners from the governmental and non-governmental sector, leading global corporations, domestic companies and startups

Become a partner

Become a partner

Case Study Club is always open for cooperation and new partnerships at different levels, so feel free to contact us

Management team

Board of directors

The Board of Directors of the Case Study Club consists of 5 members headed by the President of the Board of Directors. The role of the Board of Directors is to define the strategy and direction of development of the Case Study Club.

Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Case Study Club consists of 5 members headed by the President of the Executive Board. The role of the Executive Board is to implement the vision of the Case Study Club, at all levels of the organization.


The mentors of the Case Study Club are esteemed professors and assistants of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences who are happy to pass on their knowledge and experience to new generations and guide them on the right path.


The spirit of high performance

For several years now, Case Study Club has been cultivating the image of an organization that maintains the quality and exclusivity of education and mentoring enjoyed by members of our organization, and which is later reflected in their performance.



Motivation and desire for the work of our members has always been at a high level, and that enthusiasm is the result of an orientation towards members and their personal development. Enthusiasm is something that each of our members cultivates in itself, but it is also enthusiasm that we all create together as a team.



Professionalism is a value that has been nurtured since the very founding of the organization. Our members in all formal occasions maintain a professional approach by which the Case Study Club becomes increasingly recognizable, both nationally and globally.



As the Case Study Club is member-oriented, networking is a value that gives them a springboard into the job market. In addition to excellent mutual interaction among members, Case Study Club provides an opportunity to gain world acquaintances that are always invaluable.



In order to achieve high results, members of the Case Study Club are very dedicated to work and learning, and very often this perseverance is what sets our organization apart from others and what all our members are especially proud of.

Case Study Club values

Global orientation

In addition to regional competitions, our members are often part of prestigious world competitions, and the Case Study Club in cooperation with the Faculty of Organizational Sciences also organizes a world competition in solving the Belgrade Business International Case Competition.